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    The Arcane Game is a puzzlehunt, and the objective is to find the answer to a number of tasks. Each task consists of some text, image, video or similar information. Using this information the players can eventually reveal the answer or password to get to the next level. Some tasks may require you to search the Internet for information, others may require you to find clues at or around Dreamhack.

    The game has a built-in system for giving clues, in order to make sure that players do not get stuck on a task. One way of getting clues is when a certain amount of time has elapsed on the task, another way is that a player tries an answer that is related to the challenge in some way (Try for example the answer "bee eagle" on this task). Clues that are triggered by other things than your answers will appear on the right side for all players in the team.

    All answers are case-insensitive!

    In this tutorial episode you can also type "clue1", "clue2" etc to get additional clues. (There may or may not be clues for each level) If you type "solution" you will get an explanation of the solution. This is of course not available in the real game :)

    So for the first task:

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