Rules & General info

  • You win Arcane Game by answering questions as fast as possible - Not by cheating!
  • It is not allowed to tear down clues, try to hack the server or access any restricted areas.
  • You are encouraged compete in teams, but please try to keep the team size to a maximum of 10 people.
  • You must have a seat at DreamHack to be able to win
  • All passwords are case-insensitive, it doesn't matter if you have capital letters or not!
  • The passwords are never completely random letters and numbers, but can be a combination of words and numbers or hexadecimal and binary digits.
  • The most important rule is that you are not allowed to ruin for anyone else. Leave visited places as they were when you got there, don't destroy clues.
  • Never enter into restricted areas, you will never need to enter an area not open to the public.
  • Do not post tasks, answers or clues in any of our discord channels.
  • If you seem to have a problem of a technical nature, please contact the Arcane Game crew. You can find us at Discord: Look for Ankan, Gussoh, Findus, Ninja, Burnedram or Gditz.


Arcane game can be difficult and frustrating at times. This is part of the game. The ultimate goal of Arcane Game challenge is to be calm and think simple while trying to be the fastest thinker out there. It's often not as hard as you think it is.


Do you need a clue?

Visit the clue machine and leave a message. It is located in the stairs in the lobby just left of the entrance to hall C. Perhaps you will be rewarded with a clue to the task.
Descibe to the machine which task you are on and what you have done this far. Try to explain why you tried the things you tried. The clue machine understands both English and Swedish. You will not get a response from the machine - the clues will be added on the game webpage after a while if you are successful in convincing the machine you need a clue.

You'll need a code to enter at the booth. You get your code here. You must register and login to be able to get a code.



The game provides hints automatically. There are two types of hints. They are either time based or triggered on some input you gave. The time based clues are based on how long time your team has been on a task. The time it takes for a clue to appear changes over time and follows an unexplainable algorithm which only the deep learning AI of the game system understans. The hints will be shown on the page of the question. It might be a good thing to reload the page if you have been stuck for a while without reloading the page. 


For beginners

Welcome to the exciting world of Arcane Game!

The game is all about figuring out what to do. As you play more you will get more and more into the spirit of the game and you will figure things out faster. It is important to play in a team or you'll have a difficult task finishing the game.

Good things to think about when trying to solve the game is numbers (count stuff), patterns and odd things that don't fit in. Tasks can be computer-related, but don't have to be, many times you will have to leave your seat and run to find clues. You might even have to interact with people, software or machines to be able to solve a task.


Think simple!

Here's a list of things you might want to try!

  1. Google it!
  2. Take a walk to see if you can find something at or around Dreamhack (IRL!!!) which relates to the task
  3. Convert it to HEX
  4. Convert it to Binary
  5. Convert it to Decimal
  6. Braille
  7. Morse code
  8. Alphabetize
  9. Rearrange the letters
  10. Look at the task in a mirror
  11. Say it out loud
  12. Make it into 3D
  13. Fold it
  14. Connect the dots
  15. Overlay it on a map of something
  16. Look at letter frequencies
  17. Determine if it's a cipher of some kind
  18. Shift from letters to numbers
  19. See if text relates to song lyrics or poems
  20. Look at a computer keyboard to match up patterns
  21. Graph numbers or letter frequencies
  22. Change base of numbers
  23. Treat numbers as phone numbers, IP address, dates, atomic weights, coordinates, radio stations, ASCII, ISBN
  24. Prime factor numbers

If nothing else works, leave it, go sleep and eat, then come back with new eyes.

Previous winners

  • DHW19 - Kattass
  • DHS19 - 15GMZ
  • DHW18 - GMZ
  • DHS18 - Much Owl Multi-Fail Wow
  • DHW17 - Much Owl Multi-Fail Wow
  • DHS17 - Much Owl Multi-Fail Wow
  • DHW16 - Much Owl Multi-Fail Wow
  • DHS16 - I.G.O.R
  • DHW15 - Kattass
  • DHS15 - I.G.O.R
  • DHW14 - I.G.O.R
  • DHS14 - I.G.O.R
  • DHW13 - Kattass
  • DHS13 - Kattass
  • DHW12 - Kattass
  • DHS12 - Team XW
  • DHW11 - iMad
  • DHS11 - Kattass
  • DHW10 - Team Headlamp Redux
  • DHW09 - Ship of Fools
  • DHS09 - GrabbarnaBojjs

Creators of the Arcane Game & Dreamhack Game

  • DHW19 - Ankan, Findus, Gditz, Gussoh & Mange
  • DHS19 - Ankan, Burnedram, Findus, Gditz, Gussoh & Mange
  • DHW18 - Ankan, Burnedram, Findus, Gditz, Gussoh & Mange
  • DHS18 - Ankan, Burnedram, Findus, Gditz & Gussoh
  • DHW17 - Ankan, Burnedram, Findus, Gditz & Gussoh
  • DHS17 - Ankan, Cannonbait, Findus, Gditz, Gussoh & Mange
  • DHW16 - Findus, Gditz & Gussoh
  • DHS16 - Findus, Gditz & Gussoh
  • DHW15 - Anona, Findus, Gditz & Gussoh
  • DHS15 - Anona, Findus, Gditz & Gussoh
  • DHW14 - Anona, Findus, Gditz & Gussoh
  • DHS14 - Anona, faern, Findus & Gussoh
  • DHW13 - Eng, faern, Findus & Gussoh
  • DHS13 - Anona, Eng, Findus & Gussoh
  • DHW12 - Eng, Findus & Gussoh
  • DHS12 - Anona, Findus & Gussoh
  • DHW11 - Anona, Findus & Gussoh
  • DHS11 - Anona, Findus & Gussoh
  • DHW10 - Anona, Findus & Gussoh
  • DHS10 - Findus & Gussoh
  • DHW09 - Emore & iQue
  • DHS09 - Emore & iQue
  • DHW08 - Emore & iQue
  • DHS08 - buffpojken & Whistler
  • DHW07 - buffpojken, Emore, iQue & muted
  • DHS07 - iQue, muted, Owl & Whistler
  • DHW06 - Emore, iQue, muted, Owl & p4radox 
  • DHS06 - iQue
  • DHW05 - buffpojken, iQue & Najtmare
  • DHS05 - audell, buffpojken & iQue
  • DHW04 - aimeo, buffpojken & saerdna 
  • DHS04 - Fredrik, Hörru! & zraz
  • DHW03 - Fredrik
  • DHS03 - Fredrik
  • DHW02 - Fredrik