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  • Each Senator Demands Democracy

    The first effigy that was set ablaze failed to fool false gods for long. In their infinite wisdom, they saw our true intentions. Such a condescending sacrifice was repaid with a group of assassins sent to kill the village elders. With honor and hope we held our guard against the hostile heathens. Our holy clergy pray for the safety of every baby and family yet we are nothing more than myth today.

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    1 iLLUm1nat1 00:00:33
    2 Mortals 00:01:48
    3 Much Owl Multi-Fail Wow 00:02:42
    4 15g 00:03:25
    5 Kattass 00:11:20
    6 Apoteket 00:23:53
    7 GagnefHardCoreKladdcakes 00:28:36
    8 Cerise 01:25:20