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  • Ignoring emptiness

    trident racecar civic search tenet
    carriage level deed rotator sexes
    kayak craft chemical madam diet
    boob lair isles stats repaper
    leader damage radar mainly rotor
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  • Solution

    Some of the words listed are palindromes. If you encode each word as 0 if it isn't a palindrome and 1 if it is a palindrome, you'll get 5 binary numbers. Translating these from binary to letters (A = 1, B = 2 etc) you get the word "morse". If you then look at the morse of each word instead, and encode it the same way as before, 0 if not a palindrome, 1 if it is (ignoring spaces, as title hints), you'll get another word, rails, which is the answer.

  • Stats

    Total finishes:

    # Team Time
    1 eniteam 00:06:12
    2 No winners this event 00:08:42
    3 A.I.L.P (And in Last Place...) 00:58:33
    4 Chicken Yeah! 01:02:27
    5 Polar Explorers 01:11:16
    6 Crazy Ducks 01:42:56
    7 D*LOCKers 03:50:56
    8 HAKKERMANS NL 04:07:44
    9 Agent Bauer 04:32:54
    10 Pc Support 22:10:59