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    Bright lights. You stop. An alien approaches you, whispering "outright.veered.drain". 
    Initially, you think to yourself, "what are those three words"?
    Days go by, you still can't figure out what those three words mean, until you realize what they mean. 
    As you approach the destination, a man with a stone stops you. 
    "You need to bring a bag of chips on your shoe", he whispers, as he waddles away.
    This physical task has now been taken down.
    At the given location (close to the escalators in Lobby Syd) there was a device with a camera.
    When you showed it a "bag of chips on your shoe", it returned "Thanks! Now show me a mobile phone on your arm".
    When you showed it that, it returned "Thanks, now show me a peace sign with your fingers on a can". 
    When you showed it that, it returned "Thanks, finally we need your eye for a retina scan".
    When you showed it that, it returned "Thanks, now enjoy Your journey".
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    The text hints towards the website, which is a coordinate system of the world using three words to describe a spot. Thus, leads you to a corner in Lobby Syd. There you would find a machine which you had to pass the verifications of all prompts provided. The prompts were: "A bag of chips on your shoe", "A mobile phone on your arm", "Make a peace sign with your fingers on a can" and "Your eyes for a retina scan". If you take the first letter of all the objects that have the word "your" before them, you get the answer "safe". The device used openai's CLIP to detect the different phrases ( Disclaimer: Don't try to get this running on a raspberry pi, it was a real pain and we ended up having another machine to run the model instead.

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    # Team Time
    1 Chicken Yeah! 00:12:06
    2 No winners this event 00:49:40
    3 eniteam 00:56:18
    4 hK 00:58:05
    5 A.I.L.P (And in Last Place...) 01:03:20
    6 Crazy Ducks 01:07:59
    7 HAKKERMANS NL 01:08:53
    8 Popers 01:30:21
    9 Pop 01:31:00
    10 IT Dudes 01:31:01
    11 T98G 01:36:20
    12 vi är inte med 01:41:48
    13 BrädanBoyz 02:18:39
    14 3rr0r 02:19:55
    15 Agent Bauer 02:33:57
    16 Mjölby 02:44:46
    17 Arson 02:55:21
    18 Snygga pojkar 02:56:36
    19 Polar Explorers 04:00:47
    20 Gjutarna 04:14:03
    21 Team Sill 05:33:45
    22 D*LOCKers 05:54:05
    23 DösjanBoyz 06:11:50
    24 TruePC 10:01:46
    25 Pc Support 10:22:59
    26 Bruh 11:00:55
    27 Buttmans 11:01:18
    28 Palmegruppen 11:58:55
    29 Arcane from League of Legends 13:42:09
    30 15G 42:00:47