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    The link directs you to download a game on a website. There are 2 games but the title suggests you take the old school option, which is called TrackMania Nations Forever. After installing the game, you can open the link from the task with the in-game browser. This shows you a menu with 6 options listing, each a city in the world. These are Florida, California, Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong and Shanghai. These cities all have a Disney Land or World park. Each option on the menu is a separte map in the game which consist of a dirt playground with checkpoints scattered about. Spires are located in each corner of the maps as well. If you drive into a spire a cinematic camera attached to a ghost car will play. As the ghost car drive, it paints a path through the checkpoints. These paths are meant to show constellations, one for each map. By using the hint about Disney and the constellation, you can link each map to a Disney movie. So for instance, the map for California reveals the constellation Cancer and depicts a crab. The most famous Disney movie featuring a crab is The Little Mermaid. By doing this for all maps, you end up with 6 Disney movies. By taking each movie's chronological release number, which is easily found on their respective wiki pages, you get the numbers 44, 28, 1, 30, 19 and 35. Since some of these numbers are a bit too high, a modulus 26 operation should be run and the numbers you get then are 18, 2, 1, 4, 19 and 9. Converting these to letters gives you the letters rbadsi. If you re-arrange them with an anagram solver you get the word braids.

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    1 HAKKERMANS NL 00:00:05
    2 Pc Support 00:01:34
    3 Chicken Yeah! 01:30:18
    4 eniteam 02:15:53
    5 Crazy Ducks 04:11:26
    6 Agent Bauer 04:19:36
    7 No winners this event 05:50:40
    8 A.I.L.P (And in Last Place...) 11:59:27