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    I made it! I made it past the metal detectors - I'm in.
    No one has noticed me yet.
    I tried to enter the mysterious halls to the right, but I wasn't allowed - they said I wasn't old enough. 
    So I instead continued my journey through the 25th gate. As soon as I entered a big dark hall, I took a left. 
    Now I'm standing here all alone in the corner, blinking in my loneliness.
    Find me, and draw me like one of your french...uh, something.
    The physical thing has been taken down. Here's a video of the pattern it gave:
    christmas tree
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    When walking to the place suggested, you will find a Christmas tree. One can notice that the Christmas tree blinks in an irregular pattern. The task hints about something to do with drawing. Without lifting the pen, use the following rules: when the first part of the Christmas tree lights is lit, turn left and then draw a line. When the second part is lit, turn right and draw a line. If both are lit, draw a line in the current direction. (A common misinterpretation was that e.g. when the first lights lit up, you're supposed draw a line to the left, no matter the current direction). By following all these instructions, you will draw a heart.

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    # Team Time
    1 nam 00:00:06
    2 replaycuzbored 00:00:11
    3 Asdg 00:00:28
    4 random 00:04:35
    5 Suffer and Pain 00:21:57
    6 The boys with Fries 01:19:18
    7 CozyCave 01:26:46
    8 0437 V├Ątterns Ros 03:52:56
    9 Apoteket 03:57:31
    10 GMZ 04:12:32
    11 Supporters 04:18:32
    12 Much Owl Multi-Fail Wow 04:51:22
    13 Kattass 05:53:54
    14 Dutch TopGun 09:34:36
    15 Ostfabriken 09:48:56
    16 15g 10:04:37
    17 SGT 34:59:09
    18 The Eldtuppz 761:26:32