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  • Shed First William

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    Take the movies and draw connections between the ones where the actors appeared in, then take another actor and connect the next one. For instance, out of all the movies in the image Keanu Reeves appears in Speed and the Matrix. Laurence Fishburne appears in The Matrix and Mystic River. Sean Penn appears in Mystic River and Dead Man Walking. By doing this for all movies and only considering the top 15 names on the Cast overview, first billed only, you get four letters, which are SLIM.

  • Stats

    Total finishes:

    # Team Time
    1 nam 00:00:10
    2 Asdg 00:01:08
    3 CozyCave 00:02:25
    4 random 01:34:03
    5 GMZ 03:35:28
    6 Kattass 05:18:21
    7 The Eldtuppz 573:56:29