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  • Alice

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    By following the instructions in the audio file and using a similar contraption seen in the image, you will draw 10 sets of symbols. What you get is in fact 10 letters encoded in Nyctography, a cipher invented by Lewis Carroll, the author of many famous works, among them, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, which both the title and the image hinted to. The letters when decoded spell out the word spearmints.

  • Stats

    Total finishes:

    # Team Time
    1 nam 00:00:31
    2 Asdg 00:01:58
    3 random 00:02:12
    4 Dutch TopGun 00:02:19
    5 CozyCave 00:02:28
    6 GMZ 01:12:13
    7 Kattass 01:13:58
    8 Much Owl Multi-Fail Wow 01:52:15
    9 Apoteket 01:55:11
    10 The Eldtuppz 725:36:07