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  • Corporate Espionage

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    You work for ICMP Industries and have discovered that there is a leak in the
    company! The security team has managed to obtain a physical copy of a leaked
    document and sent a scan of it to you for further examination. You need to figure
    out who printed the document for leaking.

    Fortunately, ICMP Industries logs every use of corporate printer resources,
    so you are certain that this person has left traces behind.
    You ask the IT department for an extract of the most recent printouts, and
    receive a log file containing every single print since 2000. Ouch.

  • Answer


    anthony lang

  • Solution

    If you google ways to track printed documents, you will see that there is a tracking dot machine identification code system that has actually been in use since the 1980's! These dots can be found in the image, and decoded to provide a timestamp of 2016-02-13 03:34 and a printer serial number of 73520970. Looking these up in the printer log shows that the user anthonylang printed the leaked document.

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