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  • F10w3rguy

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    Remember the traffic lights?
    Now you need to go up or down while looking up while being down.
    The physical notes has been taken down, here's what they said:
  • Answer

    ivan martinov

  • Solution

    The title of the task suggests it has something to do with leetspeak (the L in f1owerguy is actually a number). By going to the given positions, you'll find two dates: March 7th 1771 and 1st of November 1833. One may notice that the order of the dates is not the same, which is important. By using the information from the title, one can try to translate these dates to words with the help of leetspeak. March 7 can be read as Mar 7. 7 in leetspeak is t, thus Mar 7 = Mart. (Note that this task idea came from the Mario day, March 10th, or MAR10). The same principle on the second date (1st of November) gives inov. Adding these two together forms the surname Martinov. Googling this name reveals a Russian botanist whose year of birth and death matches the two found dates. This gives the answer ivan martinov.

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    # Team Time
    1 nam 00:00:06
    2 CozyCave 00:02:45
    3 Asdg 00:04:22
    4 Apoteket 00:19:18
    5 Much Owl Multi-Fail Wow 00:29:39
    6 0437 V├Ątterns Ros 00:49:08
    7 The boys with Fries 02:23:42
    8 random 02:27:44
    9 Kattass 02:43:50
    10 GMZ 09:34:57
    11 Dutch TopGun 507:11:58
    12 The Eldtuppz 67:26:27