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  • Fraudroads Game of Fire

    You find yourself on a grid. Not like tron, but not like the reality either. You stand on the cell closest to the first corner that is not actually touching any of the edges. In your head the echo of some mantra replays over and over again:

    "If it is more like a rose than like the sky, it can be burned. Ashes from a bright rose will be white. From a pale one, they will be black. Neighbors to a flame will catch fire, if they can burn."

    you feel dizzy, your grip of reality is fading. You do not know who you are. You don't know why you're here. All you know is that you must burn.
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    This is similar to Conway's game of life, as hinted in the title. Pixels in the image can be "burned", and the ashes can be white or black. Pixels next to the burning ones will also be set on fire, if they can be burned. The rule is that if a pixel is more red than blue it can be burned. Ashes are white if there is more than 50 percent red, black otherwise. Start by burning pixel 1,1 in the image, and go on until no more pixels are burning. The white ashes will spell out the word liquify.

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    Total finishes:

    # Team Time
    1 Säkerhets-SM 00:01:52
    2 Just Zis Guy, Y'know? 00:05:58
    3 Deusovi 00:08:19
    4 Travel Cthulhu 00:08:27
    5 Bronies 00:11:21
    6 TriMarco 00:11:40
    7 Agent Bauer 00:14:54
    8 Kattass 00:15:44
    9 eniteam 00:16:58
    10 #mdbot 00:17:21
    11 PhDisc 00:19:01
    12 Much Owl Multi-Fail Vafan 00:21:35
    13 Cheatahs 00:24:07
    14 UWCS 00:31:23
    15 Step-raffe i'm !stuck 00:38:21
    16 Not Team Space 00:42:00
    17 VeggieChickens 00:55:26
    18 Backflip 00:57:37
    19 um 01:02:20
    20 👁️🥫👕🐝🍂🦉 01:05:10
    21 Just a team 01:37:21
    22 Best beans 01:40:56
    23 megaleech 02:02:50
    24 Bumbibjörnarna 02:08:42
    25 Cucu 04:01:18
    26 Weird Lex & The Aladdin Chickens 04:32:23
    27 ATasteOfMindBurn 05:59:21
    28 table_flip 10:32:56
    29 The Eldtuppz 121:10:59
    30 Soffliggargruppen 53:09:13