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  • The number

    • There is a ten digit number, if you subtract shogun26 from it, secrets will be revealed!
    • The number is odd.
    • There is exactly one digit which is surrounded by two even digits which are different.
    • There is exactly one digit which is surrounded by two even digits which are the same.
    • The last digit is higher than the first.
    • Every possible neighbouring pairs of digits except three has the left digit lower than the right digit.
    • Only one digit is repeated three times.
    • Only one digit is repeated two times.
    • There are exactly five digits which only appear once.
    • There are neither any zeroes, eights nor nines.
    • All other digits are represented at least once.
    • If you add all the digits you get 39.
    • First and last trio of digits have all increasing digits left to right.
    • The sum of all even digits is one more than the sum of all odd digits.
    • Writing the number on a 7-segment display would use 43 segments.
    • The largest prime factor is 7 digits long.
    • The number yields zero only on single digit modulo 1, 3 and 7.
    • Every digit four must be surrounded on both sides by numbers of the same parities. No digit counts as even unless the number is mentioned in the bible, then it counts as odd.
  • Answer


  • Solution

    To get the number referenced in the text, make some script that implements the rules. Or perhaps enough of them, and do some manual filtering. You'll eventually get the number 1246354347. Then the trick is to represent "shogun" as another number, by interpreting it as base 26 (where a = 0, b = 1, etc). You'll get that shogun is the number 217314253. Then subtract the numbers, and convert the result back to base 26 as you did with shogun but backward. The end result is the word dipware.

  • Stats

    Total finishes:

    # Team Time
    1 Säkerhets-SM 00:01:27
    2 Travel Cthulhu 00:54:09
    3 UWCS 00:56:07
    4 PhDisc 01:17:01
    5 Much Owl Multi-Fail Vafan 01:49:11
    6 Bronies 01:51:11
    7 eniteam 02:02:00
    8 ATasteOfMindBurn 02:44:54
    9 #mdbot 03:34:59
    10 Kattass 05:28:45
    11 Best beans 30:14:28
    12 Soffliggargruppen 45:39:31
    13 Cheatahs 68:16:05