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    In the image, there is one part that looks like a crossword puzzle, and one part that looks like hints to the words. For each row in the crossword, there are two different colors, and each hint also has two different colors. Some hints have a row in the crossword that matches both colors, and these can be filled in. There is always one short word that is interleaved in a longer word. For example: The first row corresponds to the last hint, and the word that fits is AERIAL (in the air), which contains ERA (period). For the colors that do not match, you can find pair-up lines with hints if you invert one or both colors. For the inverted colors, the hint is inverted. For example: The "Your few" hint has both colors inverted and should be MANY, which contains MY. After doing all this you are left with the line of bigrams in the middle of the crossword. Any bigram in all the words corresponds to a US state. The title hints at the use of ZIP-codes, and the first number of the ZIP code is constant in any US state. Using this, convert the states in the middle of the crossword to a series of numbers. This number is in fact an ISBN number, which is easily searchable online. It refers to a book by the name of Zip Code atlas. This task uses ISO 2108 and 3166-2.

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