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  • All the Things I Wanna Do

  • Answer

    learn to curl

  • Solution

    This is an epic, so in this solution it is assumed that you have the answers to all the other puzzles in the round. First, fill in the previous answers in the spaces in the image. Some of the letters are highlighted and by putting these letters into some pattern matching or anagram solver, you'll get "message". If you put that into the system, you'll get a message back telling you to "look for shades in the dark". Some of the letter markers have some extra information on another, yet very dark, color. This can be interpreted as binary, which gives you a new set of highlighted letters, that also has an order. This time you get "Linda's bucket list", which when entered into the system gives you a bucket list of 6 items, and a reference to some secret thing she wants to learn. Each of the items on the bucket list can be paired with one of the answers lengthwise. When doing this, some letters are the same in both the bucket list and your answer list. Take these letters, rearrange a bit, and learn to curl.

  • Stats

    Total finishes:

    # Team Time
    1 eniteam 00:52:30
    2 Bronies 01:01:09
    3 Much Owl Multi-Fail Vafan 01:04:37
    4 Kattass 02:16:29
    5 Travel Cthulhu 03:45:59
    6 #mdbot 05:52:09
    7 ATasteOfMindBurn 16:09:56