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  • Grand Procedure

    What's the most standardized way to repair a bowling alley?
  • Answer


  • Solution

    This is an epic, so this solution assumes all the other tasks in the round are solved. In the solutions for each of the other tasks, there is an ISO-standard that is somehow used to solve the task. In one case there are actually two. The numbers of these standards fit nicely into the boxes on the left side of the map, in numeric order. The answer from each of the tasks fits on the right side, even though there is some ambiguity about the length of each answer. The lines and boxes in the map are all mathematical operators. There are five operators, and they are plus, minus, multiplication, division, and powers. Using the numbers from the ISO-standards, you can arrive at three new numbers per answer on the right. One of these numbers tells you the length of the answer (which could be a help for backsolving), and the other two are indices in the answer. You can figure out which operator is which by using the lengths of the task answers and working backwards to the ISO numbers. Then computing the rest, and using the indices in the answers from the previous tasks, you arrive at the final made-up word healstrike, the most standardized way to repair a bowling alley.

  • Stats

    Total finishes:

    # Team Time
    1 #mdbot 00:02:02
    2 Bronies 05:40:32
    3 Travel Cthulhu 06:44:57
    4 eniteam 07:35:17
    5 Much Owl Multi-Fail Vafan 14:39:08