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  • Quintessence

    Rotate methods: Clockwise

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  • Solution

    This is an epic, so you should typically solve the other puzzles in the round first. Using each of the solutions from the other puzzles as an answer, you'll get back a new file as a hint. Each of the other puzzles can be related to an element. Using the image of the elements, and the hint "rotate methods clockwise", apply the method from "Blow my mind" (air) to "Make it rain" (water), and so on. The files contain the necessary data to do this. You'll end up with a second solution for each of the other puzzles, that will fit into the crossword. Some of the cells in the crossword are colored. Order these cells by the color/hue, and the letters from those cells will spell out "counter acidic", which is of course basic.

  • Stats

    Total finishes:

    # Team Time
    1 UWCS 01:47:01
    2 Travel Cthulhu 01:57:10
    3 Bronies 02:33:23
    4 ATasteOfMindBurn 05:42:29
    5 eniteam 07:42:27
    6 Kattass 08:44:58
    7 Much Owl Multi-Fail Vafan 11:49:25
    8 VeggieChickens 41:54:45
    9 #mdbot 42:39:31
    10 Agent Bauer 68:36:06