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  • Once Upon a Time

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    First, use the small image to get the password to the zip file. Each channel in the image (R, G, and B) can be interpreted as three braille characters. This way you get the zip password "voracious". In the zip-file you find 11 small images and a text file with a story in it. The story is about a man named Mr. Dent, and in the story there are lots of hints to the fact that Mr. Dent is in fact a bacteria living in a mouth. Following his story, you can find out that he lived in a number of different houses (teeth). There are a number of different systems for referring to the teeth in the human mouth. Converting his addresses from the international standard (the house numbers) to the American standard (as hinted in the story), you'll end up with some numbers conveniently in the range of the letter numbers. Get them to letters, and the word lactiferous appears. This task uses ISO 3950.

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    Total finishes:

    # Team Time
    1 Much Owl Multi-Fail Vafan 01:42:22
    2 eniteam 02:34:03
    3 Bronies 06:05:38
    4 PhDisc 13:13:58
    5 Travel Cthulhu 16:39:34
    6 Kattass 19:35:52
    7 #mdbot 44:56:58