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    This place sounds similar to living in a certain state of being.
    This is a car said the American. This is a moped said the Finnish.
    If Thomas travelled on this single track, he would certainly exceed a marathon.
    Sugar, butter and flour is all you need for this festive treat.
    This close relative to snakes can fit on a coin.
    Despite common claims, Buzz Aldrin did not see this during his trip.
    If this is so light, why can't I see this element?
    A picnic to this area on Taylor street in Portland is sure to be a crowded affair.
    Driving a car on the roads on this island is sure to get you sent to this locale for the night.
    Why are you saying bye to Karl at this watersource?
    The biggest heaven raker on earth.
    Beavers could only dream of living in this Indian construction.
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    Each sentence describes a place, object, person, etc. that is famously short/small or large/long. By assigning long or short to each row, a morse code phrase can be extracted. Each paragraph gives a letter each, the answer is cream.

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    1 eniteam 00:02:22
    2 Who 00:06:35
    3 Munkar och Energidryck 00:10:13
    4 rostig skata 00:19:34
    5 Much owl multi-fail Vafan! 00:48:05
    6 Iwanttoseetheleaderbord 01:03:13
    7 Agent Bauer 01:07:59
    8 Dum Dum Boys 01:17:16
    9 Sega som koda 02:27:33
    10 15G 02:35:24
    11 Old and Fresh 03:29:36
    12 Dlockers 03:32:20
    13 GagnefHardCoreKladdcakes 03:47:37
    14 Girl Squad 04:06:46
    15 BÅ Gaming & Racing Ltd. 05:04:21
    16 Dakterras 05:05:25
    17 hK 05:12:41
    18 Sveriges heliga andar 06:53:25
    19 Harakat 07:11:34
    20 BrädanBoyz 08:03:24
    21 TheGame 08:24:46
    22 Sanne's Mannen 08:53:02