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  • A Nice Tabletop Game

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    The characters are playing a weird game with scrabble-like tiles. They are using the grid of letters on the artifact as a base and finding 4 letter words combining adjacent letters. By excluding all the used letters, as well as any unused letters that have other unused ones adjacent to them, there are 6 letters that remain. They spell out voxels.

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    Total finishes:

    # Team Time
    1 Munkar och Energidryck 00:01:42
    2 rostig skata 00:13:44
    3 Who 00:15:28
    4 eniteam 00:16:53
    5 Old and Fresh 00:43:06
    6 Much owl multi-fail Vafan! 01:27:52
    7 Agent Bauer 04:11:49