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  • Illuminati Confirmed

    All of these conceal something
    A central item in the Curse of the Black Pearl
    A box for correspondence
    In the direction of north east, with some dignity
    A cross of sorts, but with some loops
    Often found in cabinets and on computers
    Towards the south east, sort of slim
    If you had Internet back in the day, this would be blocked

    --- EDIT ---

    By shining a light through the artifact, some holes can be found

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    Each of the descriptions match one of the symbols on the artifact. If one shines a bright light through the artifact (as hinted by the title) one can see a pattern of brighter spots. These represent numbers. The task includes one example of what the number 10 looks like in their representation, which is based on prime factorization. Each row in the symbol is a unique factor, and the number of columns except the first is the number of occurrences of that factor. Rows are 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, etc. So for 10, there is one 2 and one 5 as factors. Decoding these spots results in seven numbers that can then be converted to letters (a=1, b=2 etc.), which turns into inhaled.

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