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  • Hitch a ride

    The gun in Wyatt's hand was slippery, but he knew his trusty buntline would not fail him. Half of his mind was in another place, by the lobster buoy.

    For a single moment he looked at his dog tag. Then he looked at Magnus, but all he saw was two half men. It was done.


    Ashley says that the halves must be combined again.

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  • Solution

    The text has some references to knots. In fact each of the "halves" has exactly four different names of hitches (a type of knot). Slippery hitch, buntline hitch, half hitch, lobster bouy hitch, single hitch, tag hitch, magnus hitch, two half hitch. Each of these has a number in the legendary Ashley Book of Knots. Pairing and summing the numbers from the two halves, one ends up with four numbers, 100, 114, 111 and 112. This can be interpreted as ASCII, giving drop.

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    Total finishes:

    # Team Time
    1 Munkar och Energidryck 00:12:48
    2 Much owl multi-fail Vafan! 00:12:54
    3 Who 00:30:05
    4 rostig skata 00:36:39
    5 eniteam 01:10:00
    6 Dlockers 01:32:26
    7 Old and Fresh 01:46:40
    8 Iwanttoseetheleaderbord 01:48:18
    9 Dum Dum Boys 01:50:24
    10 Sanne's Mannen 01:55:02
    11 TheGame 02:06:46
    12 Sega som koda 03:22:37
    13 Agent Bauer 03:30:12
    14 Harakat 03:58:24
    15 hK 04:20:00
    16 Girl Squad 05:51:28
    17 15G 06:21:28
    18 GagnefHardCoreKladdcakes 06:51:29
    19 Dakterras 16:05:01