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    You should already have been there. If not, you're in a real hurry.
    What's between the mailbox and the right hand?

    --- EDIT ---

    If you followed the instructions in this task, you would obtain a thin wooden board referred to as the "artifact"

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  • Solution

    By heading to the location and standing on the mark, one would hear a voice telling saying to go pick up an item at a location. Each team that headed there was able to pickup a physical artifact with many different symbols on it. Two of the symbols on the artifact were a mailbox and a right hand, and the symbol between them was an hourglass.

  • Stats

    Total finishes:

    # Team Time
    1 Dlockers 00:00:33
    2 Munkar och Energidryck 00:01:47
    3 Much owl multi-fail Vafan! 00:05:14
    4 Sega som koda 00:05:17
    5 rostig skata 00:06:29
    6 15G 00:08:05
    7 eniteam 00:08:42
    8 Who 00:08:45
    9 Girl Squad 00:46:04
    10 Iwanttoseetheleaderbord 01:09:27
    11 hK 01:40:38
    12 Old and Fresh 02:00:44
    13 Agent Bauer 08:03:40
    14 Dum Dum Boys 13:16:03