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  • The Classic?

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    Scanning the QR code leads to the url "", which is a redirect to "The Game" on Rotten Tomatoes. The initial URL hints towards a controller (indicated by the capital C). Combining this with the movie, The Game, one gets Game Controller. If one then goes back to the QR, the colors on top is the same colors as the ABXY buttons on an an XBOX controller, and the colors at the bottom are the colors of X, O, Triangle and Square of a PlayStation controller. The position of these buttons indicate a direction one should draw with a pen. (For PlayStation, Triangle is Up, X is Down, etc.). Drawing a line (indicated once again by "who's controlling you") according the instructions given, one gets pixel art of the symbol Pi, as well as a stool. Combining these (as hinted by the title) gives the answer pistol.

  • Stats

    Total finishes:

    # Team Time
    1 Munkar och Energidryck 00:05:56
    2 Who 00:57:17
    3 rostig skata 01:34:29
    4 Iwanttoseetheleaderbord 02:26:13
    5 eniteam 02:32:34
    6 Old and Fresh 02:42:40
    7 Agent Bauer 02:50:33
    8 Sega som koda 03:17:25
    9 Much owl multi-fail Vafan! 04:02:11
    10 hK 04:10:53
    11 Dlockers 05:11:23
    12 Dum Dum Boys 05:38:16
    13 Girl Squad 09:21:25
    14 Dakterras 103:23:18
    15 Sanne's Mannen 11:33:43
    16 15G 12:30:02
    17 GagnefHardCoreKladdcakes 16:24:39